According to the latest conspiracy theory about the impending doom of our world, a black star will cause the end of the planet. The estimated date is only few days away, on 19th of November. Read further to know about it in detail.

We have been hearing about conspiracy theories of earth’s end for quite some time now. September 23rd of this year was projected as the doomsday and that theory involved a planet called Nibiru. In this latest theory, claims have been made that a monstrous celestial body known as Black Star will cause earthquakes all over the planet after colliding with it with its gravitational field.

Terral Croft has deducted this catastrophe and published in in his online article. In the article he claims that, the event will occur when on November 19th, Earth passes behind the sun relative to the Black Star in Libra constellation. He also added that earth will pass behind the Sun relative to Saturn on December 21st on 12PM Eastern Time.

He has thus linked numerous earthquakes and volcano eruptions of this year to the pull of Black Star or Nibiru. All these data are available in the US geological survey. In his article he explained further that earth is moving through the middle of second uptick period for the 2017 earth orbit cycle. It is positioned relatively to the Black Star positioned in the Libra constellation according to seismic events. According to his calculations, seismic event pattern shows that week 36 is the lackluster period before the catastrophe occurs.

However, it is needless to say that similarly to previous claims, this conspiracy theory will also turn out to be a false alarm. You do not need to be worried.