Bigg Boss 11 Contestant Luv Tyagi Looks So Much Like Salman Khan In These Pictures


Those who watch reality television show Bigg Boss would know who Luv Tyagi is. Luv is a ‘commoner’ contestant in the ongoing eleventh season of Bigg Boss and he is among the top 6 contestants of the show.


Luv’s longevity in the show has surprised one and all because in the first few weeks of the show, he was very inactive and isolated in the house but still he managed to survive many evictions against some of the strongest contestants of the season.

These days, followers of Bigg Boss are sharing images of Luv Tyagi that depict huge resemblance to the host of the show, Salman Khan. Salman Khan is one of the most popular personalities in India and many believe that he is the most good looking actor of his generation.

If we look at Salman Khan now and there isn’t any resemblance between him and Luv but if we compare some of his old pictures, then there’s surely more than just little resemblance.

Check out these pictures and let us know your thoughts:

Luv himself is a huge Salman Khan fan, it seems. 

We are sure he is. He surely tries to look like Bhaijaan. 

This is the closest Luv has ever been to looking like Salman Khan. 

Not too impressed with this one. But there is something. 

On top left, he is giving a little-bit Sultan-esque looks. 

He shouldn’t try to be as macho as Bhai. Never.

This is very close, too, seriously.