The news of Sridevi’s sudden demise in Dubai on February 24 brought huge shockwaves to the nation. The entire industry and all her fans were brought to a standstill by the news of ‘Hawa Hawai’ bidding farewell to the world in a manner no one expected.

After she died in Dubai, investigations were made and finally, she was brought to India so that her last rites could be performed.

Her family is still in a state of shock as this is not what they expected even in their weirdest nightmares just a few days after attending a marriage function in Dubai.

In her last journey to the cremation ground at Mumbai, she was wrapped in a red saree and was given a guard of honour. Millions of fans watched the proceedings with wet eyes being glued to the TV and many fans even reached Mumbai to see her for one last time.

The entire Bollywood attended her cremation and gathered to bid her a farewell with a heavy heart and weeping eyes. Every Bollywood stat turned up to pay their last respect to the veteran actress who had won so many hearts with her talent.

Her fans still find it hard to believe that she is no more. Her daughters are still in jeopardy and her loving husband, Boney Kapoor is miserable without Sridevi.


Hema Malini also shared another Tweet and further expressed her grief. Here’s the second Tweet

Like any other friend or admirer of Sridevi, Hema Malini too extended a farewell and the last goodbye to Sridevi with a heavy and weeping heart.

We hope and pray that wherever Sridevi is, she rests in utter peace.