Irfan Pathan, the former Indian cricketer has contributed a lot to the Indian cricket. He is now seen doing commentary in some important matches. Lately, he is busy in the Ranji season in Jammu and Kashmir, and is also training the youth apart from this.

Irfan Pathan is very active on his twitter handle and is always seen updating his opinions and views on matches. Recently, he expressed how Australia took Virat Kohli’s wicket in the ODI series. He thought it was a brilliant move and tweeted the same.

Here, have a look at his tweet :

The tweet read:
Well planned wicket of Virat by Aussie team,Stoping his single on thirdman by putting flying slip in place and bowling the line outside off stump

The tweet was soon flooded with comments from fans. However, a troller caught the attention of Irfan Pathan. A troller tried to mock him and said that Dhoni will still not take him in CSK.

Here, have a look at the tweet of the troller :

“Phir v dhoni nahi khilayega CSK me. Sach bolo khul kebolo. Dhoni didn’t give him enough strike”

Well, this tweet from the troller irked Irfan Pathan, who came up with a very savage reply. He was quick to reply to the troller with an apt reply telling him that he has played on his own and not because of anyone else.

Here, have a look at what Irfan Pathan tweeted :

The tweet read:
Apne dum pe Khela hoo jitnaa khela hoo. Kisi khilane ya nahi khilane se nahi”

Well, that was one hard-hitting reply, totally savage.

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