A Journalist Asked Virat Kohli Why He Makes So Many Changes In The Team. Kohli Gave A Brilliant Reply


Having lost the series against South Africa has made skipper Virat Kohli really animated. Virat Kohli put in his everything in the second test with a superb hundred that gave India some hope but that was only to go in vain. India lost The Centurian test by 135 runs and the reason was Virat Kohli cited was a poor batting show by the side.


Team India seemed to have not learned one bit from their mistakes at the Cape Town the tale of throwing away wickets continued even at the Centurion. Virat Kohli was the only batsman who went past 50 for India in either of the innings while all other batsmen struggled big time to have any impact. Virat Kohli was already under immense pressure and criticism for having dropped Bhuvneshwar and his selection of the playing XI and having lost the series only adds to his troubles.



A question from a journalist during the post-match press conference made the Indian captain infuriated and he did not hold himself back from lashing on to the reporter. The journalist had questioned the selection policy of the skipper and blamed Kohli for not giving his players any consistency in test matches.

This question got Kohli drenched in anger and Virat Kohli slammed the journalist. This was not the first time we saw an animated Virat Kohli in this series. Virat Kohli is a legendary batsman and no one doubts that but now he is under some slamming for his captaincy.

Here is what happened between the journalist and Virat Kohli

Journalist: You talk about the team not coming together well, maybe that has been because of the changing of the selection. In all the tests that you have been the captain, you have changed your line up in every test. I think you would know that to win test matches you also need a little bit of consistency or a lot of consistency.


Kohli: How many tests have you won out of 30? How many have you won?

Virat Kohli, who get really animated at this question raised on his selection further added that wherever the team goes it tries to do its best and also said, “I am here to answer your questions and not to fight with you.”

Image Source: newsx.com

This was not the first time Kohli exhibited anger on this tour. Virat Kohli has always been aggressive and short-tempered but we are not really sure if being this temperamental is helping India’s cause in any way.

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