Bollywood is not just about the most iconic superstars, big directors, and hefty producers. Bollywood or any film industry for that matter houses a plethora of talents and a galore of dimension goes into making a film. Ranging from the hero of the film to the spot boy, every shot is only possible when a unit works together with coordination and with diligence.

Ever since we have watched Bollywood, background dancers have had their presence indispensable in the industry. A lot changed in Bollywood over years in terms of scripts, effects and much more but the background dancers have been a constant feature along this journey of Bollywood.

It only makes sense that these background dancers or anyone whose hard work goes behind a shot shall get a decent pay for all the hard work they put. Let us find out if that happens in the industry or not.


Talking about background dancers in Bollywood who assist stars in making things look graceful, did you know what is the average salary that these background dancers draw on a monthly basis?

A background dancer in Bollywood earns depending upon the stature of the choreographer they are associated with and also the budget of the film and the spending capacity of a certain production house. So, just like an actor’s income, the incomes of these stars too is subject to certain things. On an average, a background dancer earns somewhat around 50000 rupees to 1 lakh. Well, in any case, that is much higher than the income of an engineer.