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You Can Buy Bride Of Your Own Choice In This City

If you are from Bulgaria and are looking for a bride for yourself, then there is apparently a market that you can visit to get yourself and a family, a bride of your choice. If you are from Stara Zagora, the place has a market for brides which is called Sujata.

Coming from a lower financial background, there are multiple scenarios where parents are unable to afford to get their daughter the wedding that they dream for their child. This is where Sujata comes in the picture. They go ahead and act as an outsourcing agency to match the girls with viable suitors from families searching for brides.

The sons’ family and friends come in to mix with the girls and talk with them individually to understand the level of compatibility and then they are able to decide on the best match for them. This is a better way to be honest because in here the girls’ parents also get an idea of the background of the supposed groom. Soon after when everything is decided, the grooms’ family pays an already decided fixed amount to the family of the bride and take them with themselves.

Even though it is really cruel and not the correct way out of it, there still are no new laws or regulations in place to stop this process. As this has now become a way out to for a lot of families, from tough scenarios.

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