These Are The 10 Most Heavily Guarded Homes In The World


Once a person becomes successful their life becomes peril and people are forever prying on them. You are hardly able to get any privacy. Living away from inquisitive eyes is a challenge in itself. With so much fame and money one need to give some serious thoughts about security.

Here, we bring you a list of 10 heavily guarded homes on Earth which are a proof on their own:

1. Ryong Song Residence :

North Korean residents march during a large-scale military parade at Pyongyang's Kim Il-sung Square. Photo: EPA


Posted by South China Morning Post on 12 ಅಕ್ಟೋಬರ್ 2015

Ryonsong Residence is located in North Korea, which is one of the most feared countries in the world. This residence is the main residence of the Royal family. It is surrounded by electric fences, minefields,iron rods, lead covered concrete and armed guards. This residence possesses a very luxurious interior. There is a tunnel which links the Royal family to the other Residence which is called Residence 26 or Changgyong House.

2. Fair Field Estate:

Fair Field Estate is one of the most secured places in its area. The security measure are extremely high and it is said that only the richest people in the world can afford to stay there. The uninvited guests can’t even pass through the gate, which is an extremely high-tech gate. The residence possesses 20 luxurious rooms with an expensive collection worth $500 million. The residence is itself worth $200 million. It has hundreds of security cameras and it contains bullet-proof glass.

3. The Zombie Bunker:

As funny as it may sound, this is the world’s first zombie proff house. Although it is not that great from exterior but it is the safest place.. There is a thick layer of concrete protecting the windows. The walls of the house are movable.

The house has a drawbridge which serves as the only way to enter and exit the house. In addition, there is an iron sheet around the walls which makes it a Zombie.

4. Bill Gates:

In order to keep his privacy undisturbed, Bill Gates very smartly grew trees around the house.Although the security outside the house of Bill Gates is very friendly but there are multiple cameras monitoring every minor movement. All the guest of the house are made to wear the pin that will allow them to control the heating system, whoever is not wearing the pin gets detected immediately.

5. The White House:

The White House and the President are provided with high security measures. There is an Iron fence around the White House which prevents any unfriendly visitor to enter the house. Secret Security guards are present 24*7 in and around the house. With that there are special food scanners in case something is hidden at the time of dinner or lunch. Nothing and no one is allowed to enter a marked perimeter in the airspace. Obama was one of the most heavily guarded President.

6. The Corbi Family:

The Corbi Family residence is situated in the hills of Hollywood California. The Corbi Family have a very advanced bio-metric recognition system and also an advance earthquake protection technique. The structure of this building is made up of concrete which is 30 feet deep underground.

The residence also has the ability to sustain any chemical or nuclear attack. The basement of this residence can keep the family alive for almost 6 months as it contains the supplies to feed and all the other necessities.

7. The Buckingham Palace:

The Buckingham Palace is very secure residence of the royal family. When the security of the house are changed they block several roads temporarily. Furthermore, it is a very high security area. even when the time of changing of the guards, more policemen have been placed to make sure everything happens safely.

8. The Kardashians:

Kim Kardashian recently faced an incident in Paris followed by which the Kardashians has increased the security of the house. In order to assign the best security guards, one has to undergo various security test which also include intense background check. Kim Kardashian changes car wherever she goes so that no one can follow her.

9. Maximum Security Mansion:

The maximum security is situated in Evergreen Colorado, it is a 32-acre residence and contains a $ 6 million security system. The best thing about the security of this residence can be monitored from anywhere in the world as long as you have an apple phone and a login. The security cameras provide a complete view of the interior and exterior of the house. A special bio-matrix system has been installed in the house to detect fingerprints. The sensors are so high-tech in the house that it can detect even detect a water leakage anywhere on the premises.

10. Kronstadt Fort Alexander 1:

The main idea behind the creation this building was to keep people away from St Pietersberg in Russia. There are 40 forts in that area, but out of all the 40 forts, Alexander I is considered the most secure. The top of the piles contains multiple layers of sand at the bottom, concrete in the middle and granite on the top. To strengthen the fort there are 12-meter-long 5535 Piles which go deep down into the ocean, all these faeture makes this fort the most secure place.

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