Mohammad Shami’s controversy is getting a new turn everyday. However, Mohammad Shami is in a deep trouble since his wife accused him of having multiple extra-marital affairs at the same time.

Since then, the case has got many twists and turns. His wife revealed many dirty secrets about him and his family. It was only a few days before when his wife revealed that he took money from a Pakistani girl for match-fixing.

Hasin Jahan also revealed that Mohammad Shami’s family used to torture her mentally and physically. However, Mohammad Shami refused to all the allegations made on him and declared them as ‘baseless’.

But now a very ugly turn has came into these stories. Recently, as we all got to know that Hasin is Shami’s second husband.

Now a man has came forward named Shaikh Saifuddin, who has claimed to be Hasin’s first husband. He has given his statement about Hasin, here’s what he said:

“I don’t know why Hasin left me. She’s an ambitious woman. As of now, I am not in touch with her.”

Hasin Jahan and Shaikh Saifuddin got married in the year 2002. The couple were in love with each other since the school time. Later the couple got divorced due to some unknown reasons. Shaikh has claimed that 2 daughters from Hasin, one is in 10th standard while the other is in 6th. The family have now lost touch with Hasin.

Shaikh runs a stationery shop named “Babu Shop”.

We really wonder what Hasin has to say about this.

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