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Total Net Worth Of Rohit Sardana

Aaj Tak journalist Rohit Sardana left everyone heartbroken after he passed away on 30th April 2021, owing to COVID complications. He was one of the country’s most respected journalists. He had tested positive for the Coronavirus and passed away after suffering a heart attack.

Following Rohit’s untimely demise, multiple images and videos went viral on social media making claims about the immense wealth accumulated by Sardana.


YouTube channel ‘Kuch Pal Sukoon Ke’ and others shared many videos on YouTube and other social media platforms with suggestive thumbnails to imply that Sardana and his wife, Pramila Dixit, have multiple bungalows and cars and have accumulated a lot of wealth.

Well, such videos and pictures angered the family of Rohit Sardana, who via the official Twitter account of Rohit slammed such channels for spreading fake rumors.


The viral pictures and videos were shared a few pictures on Rohit Sardana’s account today which is being operated by his family. Sharing the pictures, the grieving family said that they have a 1450 sq ft house in Dundahera village in Ghaziabad, which is purchased on EMI and car Hyundai Creta, also on EMI. And as property, they have their two daughters and immense love of crores of people. The tweet read:

डूंडाहेड़ा यानि क्रासिंग रिपब्लिक में 1450 Sq.Ft का EMI पर फ्लैट है।गाड़ियो के नाम पर EMI पर क्रेटा है।सम्पत्ति दो बेटियां और करोड़ों लोगों का अथाह प्यार। दयाभाव नहीं चाहिए पर ऐसे जानेवाले को बदनाम ना करें जिसने VIP कैटेगरी में जाकर वैक्सीन तक लगवाना गवारा ना किया.”

Here, check out the Tweet:

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