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Top 10 Countries As Per The Internet Speed

Owing to the fast-paced rat race that we live in, everything is required to be super fast. Starring from the traffic to getting our food served before time. The Internet and its crazy speed have made us extremely impatient with time. With the lesser time it takes for buffering, our impatience grows and it will keep in growing till it hits the lowest.

As per the new list published by Tech Informer on November 2020, India is at 128th as per the Internet Speed that we are provided with. India stands at a speed of 13.15 Mbps. It is almost a wonder that a speed of 13.15 Mbps can grant the place of 128th. The competition and the advanced level that is out there does not ever fail to impress.

Pakistan stands at a rank of 108th with a speed of 18.72 Mbps and Nepal at 116th with the speed of 17.70 Mbps. Let us take a look at the top 10 countries and the speed that they are assigned.


The United Arab Emirates stands at the topmost position with an unbeatable and whopping speed of 170.30 Mbps. This is a speed that is very hard for us to imagine.

South Korea

South Korea with its development and tech advancement stands at the second most position with a speed of 116.70 Mbps.


Qatar gives a very stiff competition to South Korea and ultimately stands at the third rank with a speed of 159.66 Mbps.


China ranks fourth with a worldwide speed of 148.12 Mbps.


The speed at Australia is 113.16 Mbps at an average and thus it stands in the top 5 positions.


Norway has a speed of 100.98 Mbps which puts it at the sixth position from the top.


The Netherlands stands at the 7th position and rank with a speed of 99.67 Mbps.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has an average speed of 99.34 Mbps at that is being in the 8th rank.


The speed of 93.74 Mbps is quite a task that puts Canada in the ninth position.


Switzerland stands at the 10th position with its brazen speed of 87.34 Mbps.


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