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Priyanka Chopra gave a sassy reply to shut the trolls over her green dress


Priyanka in orb dress.                                         



Priyanka’s green and puffy dress created a huge buzz and discussion among the public. After the dress took over to produce bunch of trolls and funny memes, the global star broke everyone’s silence by taking onto Twitter to share the best ones while writing in the caption, “Too funny…. Thanks for making my day guys!! ”

The series of memes started after Priyanka Chopra went up with a particular look while being engaged in a conversation with Instagram’s recent and most stylish dog, Tika. The whole pictures went viral where the talented actress was seen in a polka-dotted green puffy dress with a huge bun top. The meme immediately burnt up into flames of a meme festival where the actress was trolled and made fun of her unusual and unique style of fashion.


Some compared her to Pokemon

In response to the pictures, one of Priyanka’s follower replied, “Are you serious ma’am is that a dress than what’s the point to have good figure.” On usual days Priyanka doesn’t take up to replying all the nonsensical comments that any star receive in common, but she took an exceptional step while replying to a text with “The fact that a “figure” doesn’t matter. that’s the point.”

This comment remarked on Priyanka’s part was considered to be too hot and sassy and many of the followers praised her for being bold and strong on her approach. This is not the first encounter to such criticism related to her dressing fashion. On another famous occasion of Met Gala, Priyanka was seen carrying an unusual sense of fashion, which brought her into scrutiny of many memes and trolls.

A meme on Priyanka

She had previously shared on Twitter, “This is one of those moments I feel utter and complete gratitude towards the universe. I cannot explain why. But I think just because I feel peace. It’s beautiful to be at peace. Sending you all good vibes. #blessed”

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