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Meet The Latest Sensation Of Social Media The ‘Pawri’ Girl

Yashraj Mukhate wiped down all forms of memes with his recreation of fun moments into unforgettable catchy tunes. The man behind gems like Rasode Mein Kaun Tha, Best friends The, Tommy and Kya Karoon is again back with a bang. The popular Instagram and Mumbai based music composer three days ago took on the video of Pawri Ho Rai Hai and turned it into an unforgettable beat.

The girl on the video that has been getting viral like crazy states,  “Yeh humari car hai, Yeh hum hai, aur yeh humari puri ho Rahi hai.” Yashraj jumped at the opportunity to create an offbeat and extremely catchy tune that we can’t help but sing to. Let us take a look at the video.


The girl who is currently going viral is a famous influencer and content creator from Pakistani and goes by the name Geena. However, her name is Dananeer. Geena who is from Peshawar and currently is living in Islamabad made the video as a hit at the elite and entitled upper rich class of Pakistanis referred to as ‘burgers’.

Not known to many the video was first created as a sarcastic dig to how these burgers go ahead and fake having an accent with no requirement whatsoever. Let us look at the original video.


Soon after Yashraj came up with the catchy beat, Dananeer went on to make a cover on the same showing how graciously she accepted the fun dig. This sure does show her sense of humour and we can’t wait for more such content.


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