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Boy Tweets About Reaching School Late Due To Bus timing, IPS Officer’s Action won the internet

Social media, with current times, might be considered a bane with its disadvantages being highlighted. However, we cannot shy away from the boon it has been in recent times as well. The blogging sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have made it very easy to bring about scenarios to the instant notice of companies and higher authorities. Twitter has made it very easy for the common people to reach out to the governing bodies and authorities to sort their issues and difficulties in a very short and stipulated time period.

In a recent event, Twitter again helped a schoolboy in a way that it has won the hearts of many people. Recently, a schoolboy from Bhubaneshwar took to the site of Twitter to post his concern. The concern dealt with the fact how: is daily school timings are getting affected. The student explained, that his school starts at  07:30 am however the first bus that leaves from his area to reach his destination Lingipur is at 07:40 am. This results in him getting delayed by a large gap and this is causing him a lot of trouble. The little boy even went to the extent of tagging IPS office Arun Bothra in the post.

Following this IPS Arun Bothra was quick to his feet to get the matter sorted. He was quick to change the timing of the bus from 07:40 am to 07:00 am. The man of the hour tweeted back stating, “Dear Sai #MoBus moves with the love of commuters like you. The timing of your bus will be changed from Monday. The first bus will start at 7 AM. You won’t be late for school. With affection from the entire team of @CRUT_BBSR.”

Soon after the Twitteratis started appreciating the beautiful and swift step taken. Here are a few


We look forward to many such swift decisions taken on the spot for a better and easier livelihood. Well done sir, take a bow.

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