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A journalist Asked Sunny Leone A Very Awkward Question But She Gave A Fitting Reply

Being a superstar can make you rich however then you additionally need to manage many stupid people consistently. For example, take the case of these these superstars, every one of whom were exposed to the absolute most idiotic questions the media has at any point posed!

1. Radhika Apte

The dynamic actor was once asked by a journalist in the event if she thought she should give such bold scenes and be in controversy to succeed. The journalist was alluding to a personal scene Apte had done in a film. Accordingly, Apte disclosed to them that people who were embarrassed about their own bodies were the ones inquisitive about others’ bodies.

2. Sania Mirza

Had it been a top male competitor at the pinnacle of their career, they couldn’t ever have been gotten some information about when they were wanting to have children or settle down. Be that as it may, Sania Mirza confronted this blast of ludicrous inquiries by senior anchor Rajdeep Sardesai.

Accordingly, Mirza too asked as to whether he didn’t think she had settled down. She revealed to him that it was one of the inquiries ladies consistently need to confront i.e, marriage and parenthood. Regardless of the number of Wimblendons they win, they don’t get settled in some peoples’ eyes, Mirza added.

3. Scarlett Johansson

During the press trip for The Avengers, Johansson was over and over asked about her ‘underwear beneath the Black Widow dress’. This one time, anyway she lost it and advised the questioner to ask Joss Whedon instead.

4. Matt Damon

Damon has been blunt in support of teachers getting tenure for some time in the USA. His mom being one has certainly made him more vocal about the subject of tenures. So when a Libertarian columnist inquires as to whether no job stability was an impetus for being a superior actor why couldn’t the equivalent be applied to teaching.

Damon took her to the assignment and advises her to stop this MBA thinking. He asserted to her that a teacher needs to teach. For what other reason would they be taking a crappy compensation and working extended periods of time?

5. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has consistently been an easy target for the American media. In 2014, after winning an award at the Grammy’s she was asked by ET’s Nancy O’Dell in the event that if she was taking a lot of men back with her to her home. Taylor Swift disclosed to her that men were inconvenient and she was just carrying cats with her.

6. Rihanna

During one of the public interviews for the film Battleship, she was inquired as to whether she was cheerful in her private life and whether people would be seeing Ashton Kutcher in her life. Rihanna essentially told everybody there that it was a frustrating question and posed to everybody to proceed forward.

7. Cate Blanchett

During a meeting at an award show, the pro actor was responding to inquiries concerning what designer dress she was wearing. It was then, when the cameraman began panning the length of her outfit. An outwardly furious Blanchett asked the camera person as to whether he  did that thing to male celebs as well.

8. Keira Knightley

At the Hollywood Film Awards in November 2014, actor Keira Knightley was asked how she figured out how to balance her household life with professional life. She for all intents and purposes reprimanded the man by inquiring as to whether he planned to pose similar questions to the other men present that night as well.

9. Daniel Kaluuya

At the point when an Oscars columnist disclosed to Daniel Kaluuya that “Get Out” had gotten selected for Best Picture since it ticked a great deal of boxes, Kaluuya reacted by revealing to him that these were not boxes for them. He said that showing the BLACK experience was not ticking a box and that they were humans too. He said that they are displaying their factual truth.

10. Vidya Balan

Throughout her career, in spite of conveying numerous brilliant characters, Vidya Balan has consistently been exposed to unreasonable questions concerning her weight. This time when a journalist asked her if she was anticipating losing some weight to do a business film. Balan reacted by revealing to him that she was exceptionally content with her body and hopefully he will change his point of view.

11. Priyanka Chopra

Once answering a misogynist question from a columnist, Priyanka Chopra said that while men and women were physiologically not the same, it didn’t imply that they should not be treated equally.

12. Sunny Leone

How might anybody at any point fail to remember the frightful Bhupendra Chaubey interview with Sunny, where he asked as to whether he would get ethically corrupted for talking her. Ex adult videos actress Sunny essentially revealed to him that if he has to ask these she could get up and simply leave.

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