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20 Hilarious Selfies That People Shared And Regretted Immediately

Selfies have become a rage in today’s forum and nothing can beat it. It has become such a rage that we keep on clicking pictures at every turn and opportunity that we can get our hands-on. However, it was bought about when an Australian 21-year-old got drunk during his birthday party and ended up with a stitched lip. He posted a picture in 2002 that stated the word ‘selfie’ for the first time. However, technically the first selfie was captured by chemist Robert Cornelius in 1839.

Today, we will take a look at 22 pictures that were selfies and bought out the truth. Let us delve into the list without further delay.

Hackerman Behind, Run!


Arachnophobia Is Real. I feel You!

Caught In A Lie

Someone Is Checking Her Out

Damn Reflectors

Living Alone, Are We?

1..2..3.. Jump

Glitters and Shine?

Judgement Going Strong

Duck And Click

How To Lose A Car In 10 Seconds

Was There A Storm??


Zoom In 


Horror struck!


Angry Sir says No-Selfie.

Where’s The Nose?

Detective Mom

Daddy Cool!

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