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9 Weird Things That All Girls Do But Never Accept

We all do a lot of things in our life, out of which many are kept as secrets. Girls are extremely adept at keeping secrets, especially when it comes to acts that can tarnish their reputation or can leave a blotch on their skin which is not something one would like, definitely not in the ages to fly.

We will be looking at ten things that girls do but very rarely admit to others. Well, it is okay, S.H.I.E.L.D is a just fictional organization and no one is going to find that out.

  1. Is that porn?

The stigma around porn is still prosaic in India and a girl will never admit the fact that she is into it unless you are exceptionally intimate with her.


  1. The brawns are from the 21st century but the brains still belong to the dark ages

Porn itself is a stigma to be highly embarrassed in India and now add a tint of homosexuality in it, If you are watching homosexual porn, especially of two women, your orientation is going to be taken for granted. It is better to keep a secret.


  1. Do I smell something stale here?

Girls are not going to wash their bras until they are reeking of stench, irrespective of the tenure, it doesn’t matter.


  1. Alright, it is okay to please ourselves, stop making it a blame game

Girls touch themselves to be satiated when they have boyfriends, however, once again society has a label for everything and that is why it is a better-kept secret.


  1. I am gonna find myself a gold-mine

There is so much gold in the noses of girls too that they will dig it too. It isn’t just a boy’s sport and yet only one gender takes all the blame.


  1. I am going to take a break, I feel like barfing

It is said that even girls tend to sniff their armpits, sock, and undergarments. Well, was it not supposed to be gross?


  1. It is winter, so the season can wait for a bath

There are times when girls tend to skip entire sessions of bathing, it may very well be a season, depends on their vagaries.


  1. No washing of combs, no matter whatsoever happens

Are combs objects to wash? Really? Come on, they are supposed to maintain our hair and that is it!


  1. Let’s rip off that piece of skin as if it some world-saving alien membrane

Ideally ripping off the dead skin from a girl’s lips is the favorite pastime one has got and that can sound extremely rash and gross too.


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