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10 Indian Companies with Policies That Attract Employees

The world of Corporate means a steady job with steady pay and an excessively unsteady and unruly life. The work-life balance and problems surrounding it become so much so at a point of time, that taking a relaxing and rejuvenating week off becomes extremely important. However, this cannot be maintained due to the maintenance of attendance, cut off pay, low discipline and other untoward worries. Thus it is slowly becoming a tragedy how the world of corporate is slowly squishing out all the energy and leaving us drained after a day’s work.

In general companies, the workplace scenario, working hours and workload is almost similar to each other. However, slowly with time, a few companies are looking into the welfare of their employees and bringing about policies that are keeping their employees sustained, fulfilled and happy. Let us look at 10 such companies and their policies.

  • KPMG India: Location Is Not An Issue

The team and the policymakers have a very controversial policy which states that an employee can work from anywhere. The point of anywhere is dependent of location too. You have the right to chose whether you would like to work from home on a single day or go to the office. The idea behind this is based on the fact that being away from the premise of office, might give a better mindset to the employee to work from the comfort of their home. This also increases the level of productivity and quality of work.

  • Philips: Parking Full 

One of the most funloving and nurturing policies is followed on by Philips. The company has a policy that if the parking is full then the employees can work from home for that day. This does reduce the hours that are wasted looking for a good place to work and also leaves their employees in a much-relaxed state of mind. They can this work under the management from time to time while in altering scenarios they are managed digitally.

  • Coca-Cola: Come As You Wish 

Coca-Cola has one of the most interesting policies that become the best boon for every employee out there. The company believes in flexible working hours and respects the decision of its employees. Thus if you are working for this brand name, you can come in as per your choice and leave after finishing your required number of hours. This helps a lot of scenarios, especially if an employee is trying to avoid traffic or has a special occasion on a day.

  • PriceWaterhouseCoopers India: Employee Benefit.

The company lives on the motto, “Happy employees are productive employees’ and thus tries the best to follow it up. Their entire work cycle, productive report and hours are designed in a way to ensure that employees are getting enough time to spend with their family and into their personal life As a result of the same,  the work quality always remains top-notch.

  • Microsoft: Transport Provision

Microsoft has always believed in the safety and security of its employees. Thus, the Hyderabad branch of Microsoft has readily available buses and cabs to provide to-and-fro transportation to their employees as and when needed. This becomes a boon for the safety of the female employees.

  • Future Group: No penalty For Traffic

The renowned retail chain of Mumbai is very much aware of the infamous traffic jams that are the root cause of all employee worries. Thus, besides, to make it easier for the employees, the company has a policy stating, if a worker is late due to the constraints of traffic jam then there would be no penalty charged for them. This takes half the worries off from the mind of the employees.

  • SAP Labs: Comfortable Work Hours

The Bangalore based company believes in the quality of work and not quantity. Thus, the employees over here have the liberty to choose their working hours. They can come in as per their choice and leave as soon as their assigned work is finished. They do not have to stay for more than 6 hours if there is no need for them to stay. This process enhances the mental freshness and builds up the zeal and enthusiasm to work in the correct order and fashion.

  • Infosys: Transport

The company is a strong believer in the ” Go-Green” initiative. Thus they provide cost-effective and climate-sensitive methods of transportation to their employees. This in turn also lessens down emissions as much as possible. They also encourage their workers to take up cycling as a way of transporting.

  • Bacardi India: Work From Home

The Bacardi house has an extreme chill environment where you can choose your office place and office work hours. The company believes in leaving the employees to work and govern themselves without extreme strict supervision. This builds up confidence and a sense of responsibility which in turn automatically provides unparallel results.

  • American Express: Public Transport

Another company who is a strong believer of the ” Go- Green” movement encourages employees to shift over to pubic transport in an effort to reduce and cut down on emissions. The same schedule is repeated every week, “Car-free-day” is kept every week at Amex.


These are a few encouraging policies that 10 Indian corporate sectors took up. We hope, most of the corporate hubs turn to these as well.

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