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10 Funniest ‘India vs USA’ Memes That Have Gone Viral

Memes have become our best friend in this tough times. Especially from the time being and the year that 2020 was, meme gave us comfort and pleasure. It is exactly the amount of nostalgia that makes content or a joke funny. The variety and category of memes that are available on the internet cannot be subjugated much. The different categories available keep on changing with time and topics that are doing the rounds currently.

For the last few days, the topic of India Vs USA memes has been doubling up and doing the rounds. Some of them are full of fun and pure laughter and few will take you a trip down memory lane.

This category of memes basically channels the acute Indian behavioural ways and how they are starkly different from abroad. You surely would be able to relate to at least 5 of the ten memes. Try your luck and test your score. Here are the top 10 viral India Vs USA memes doing the rounds:

You would be lying to yourself if you deny doing this in your childhood.


Indians, much like Joey doesn’t share food.


Let’s not disagree to the fact that we have all done this once in our life.

The mother of all godly sarcasm, we are the harbinger.


Sleep tops all other objectives on your to-do list.

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