These 10 Brands We Use In India Have Different Names Abroad


The only thing that drives the world’s economy around. But do you know that the brands that we use or consume look completely different in other countries.

Here, is a list of a few brands with diversified branding across various regions:


1. KFC as PFK :

KFC or Kentucky Fried Chicken sells in UK as PFK. The branding has been done by giving it a French twist. They have used the subject firs and adjective later in the subject. PFC is a proper translation of KFC, which transliterates into Chicken Fried Kentucky.

2. Lays as Sabritas:

Lays is owned by Frito-lay and Pepsico, in India. It sells as Sabritas in the Mexican market. Sabritas has a huge chunk in the snack market of Mexico with 80% of shares.

3.Nivea as Labello:

Labello is sold everywhere outside Europe as Nivea.

4.Vaseline as Vasenol:

The most trusted mosturizers in the world, Vaseline is sold as Vasenol.

5.Burger King as Hungry Jacks:

Everyone’s favorite place for Burgers and snacks, Burger King. In Australia, the franchise of Burger king is known as Hungry Jacks.

6. Coco-Pops as Cocoa Krispies:

Not just the name but also the mascot is different in UK. Coco pops sells as cocoa krispies.

7.Mars bar as Milky way bar:

We all love this chocolate. Mars sells as Milky way in America and England.

8. Budweiser as Czechvar:

Although, there have been a long debate between the Budweiser and Czechvar over some trademark issue. The famous Buweiser is sold as Czechvar in Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Philippines and US.

9. Axe as Lynx:

Only the name is different, rest everything is same. Axe sells as Lynx in Ireland, Australia, UK and China.

10. Coco-Cola Light as Diet Coke:

While the branding is completely same, the only difference comes in the name. Diet Coke is sold in US and UK, rest everywhere it is sold as Coco-cola light.

We hope this will make it easier to find your favorite brands when you go visit abroad next time.

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