Photographer Exposes The Reality Behind Professional Photoshoots And It’s Very Interesting


After the social media boom self-portraits have emerged as the new sensation worldwide. All of us have seen perfect pictures of girls hanging out in a beach, happy couples posing in a forest and cinematic shots of pregnant women lying in water.


But if you look at the behind-the-scenes pictures you will understand that you have been fed fabricated images with the help of trickery and gimmick.

Brazilian wedding and family photographer Gilmar Silva put together a series of such images titled LUGARxPHOTO (‘place and photo’), which clearly explains that professional photoshoot are not always similar in reality to how they appear.


This is no secret that raw pictures are edited to certain degree by using Photoshop to enhance them. But this project will give the layman an insight into the lengths a professional photographer has to go to get the perfect shot. This is a proof that we more often than not buy into illusions.

This is the ultimate illusion! How a normal picture in a jungle transforms into a magical romantic shot.

Although the shot is brilliant, we are glad to see that safety comes first.

This cute girl has been transformed into a beautiful princess thanks to perfect editing.

This is the dirty reality of a beautiful picture that tells the whole story.

Managing the light to create the magisterial color can overshadow the clumsy ambience. 

Safety of the baby came first! Clever edit did the trick here.

The photographer did a great job by keeping everything in focus while holding the camera like he is holding the baby of the pregnant woman!

Another example of impressive Photoshop. Safety comes before art.

The couple are so elegant but look at that clumsy background. That white gown must have got ruined!

This is not shot in a magical location but you would realize if you hadn’t looked at this behind the scene picture?

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