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User Trolled Anand Ahuja For Sonam Kapoor’s Flat Chest after Marriage And Actress Gave A Brilliant Reply

The Bollywood industry has been a space where the idea of beauty and perfection is accepted with a firm belief. Everyone in the industry is expected to have a perfect shaped bodies, attractive figures and beautiful faces.

In accordance to the ideology of having perfect bodies, many actresses often undergo back-breaking exercises and body transformation surgeries to maintain an ‘ideal’ image in the society. If a particular actress lack that, they are either trolled or neglected.

Recently, the gorgeous actress Sonam Kapoor faced a similiar jaw on having a flat and usual chest. Many of her haters attacked her on a viral social media post, claiming that she has a flat chest, which can be barely attractive to anybody.

Responding to such insensitive remark, Sonam boldly stated:

“My t*ts and a*s are not very nice. I do not have a bikini friendly body.”

In accordance to such foul comments, Sonam opened up with her thoughts in a recent interview. Referring such trolls, she said:

“Had some stressful times in the last three or four months, mentally. There is a lot of stuff that happens on social media, there is a lot of hate and talk of a lot of things. It put me in a very low and negative space. But now I am much better.”

She further added:

“Yes I have switched off my comment section and my parents’ comment section because I don’t want my 64 year old parents to go through this. They did nothing to deserve this. And I am not doing it out of fear you morons I am doing it out of common sense, to preserve my mental health and my parents.”




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