This 5-Year Old Kid Gave The Deepest Response To A Simple School Riddle


Kids these days are really smart and their grasping power is just amazing. Parents and teachers often ignore the little moments of brilliance their kids generate and hence they remain deprived of the due credits they deserve. But the most beautiful thing about kids is that they don’t even care.


These kids may even stun you at times and make you struggle for responses. This is exactly what happened to this poor teacher who got a very strange reply to a naive classroom puzzle. The response given by this kid was deep and at the same time disheartening. Mind you this kid is in first grade.

The answer to the riddle was pretty simple. The answer lied in the letter ‘E’ but how this innocent riddle got such a horrifying response speaks for how kids have enrolled themselves in so much negativity. This answer was a mere giving up on life and a first grader doing that is shocking.

It is dismal how for a first grade student the beginning of everything is death. Death is anyday a dreadful phenomena and when these tiny innocent souls start to find death as the very beginning of everything then we must pause and realise how flawed the world is. This response by this first grader needs not to be ignored at all.

This is a horrifying response and a brutal reminder of how the world around us is shaping up. Death can never be a beginning of everything nor the instigation of eternity. This answer speaks up for a mind wrapped in negativity and a soul wrapped in fear and obscure clutches.

This answer shared by this teacher is a subtle realization to all of us. Of course, there must a reason why the child gave this answer and such reasons need to be terminated. When the future of the world would find the world so obscure, all hope would be lost in the cliches of darkness.