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This Conversation Betweem Elon Musk And A Pune Based Engineer Is Pure Gold

Elon Musk has become one of most richest person on earth in the recent times. He is name that has acclaimed global recognition now. Recently, the Tesla CEO Elong Musk responded to a tweet made by a Pune based engineer named Pranay Pathole. In his tweet, Pranay highlighted how Elon Musk learnt as a teenager that “you don’t need huge infrastructure resources” to become the money maker.

Pathole describes himself as a “sentient machine”. While talking to Twitter, he said that Musk had “revolutionised the way we transfer money.” He even asked the “crypto experts” to think about what the billionaire had achieved before passing the “toxic and hateful” comments about him.

Through his tweet, Pranay referred to Elon Musk’s summer internship stint at the Bank of Nova Scotia where he earned a total of $14 an hour and got to pitch new ideas to bosses. Pothole stated that Musk’s knowledge has set him on the course to start his business. He even said that Musk “knows how the money works better than any of us.”

Check Pranay’s tweet:

Elon Musk soon responded to Pranay’s tweet and shared a news report on how doing internships helped him gain experience in his early career. Musk even added that he loved working with Peter Nicholson, who is a top executive at the Bank of Nova Scotia. However, he also added that the bank did not give him a raise despite him figuring out a lucrative arbitrage opportunity for it.

Check out Elon Musk’s tweet:


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