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Sonam Kapoor Was Brutally Trolled After She Failed To Give The Answer To A Simple Puzzle

They all love to solve puzzles on social media as it gives them a sense of personal establishment and that too in the presence of others. However, when it comes to math puzzles, the number of participants automatically goes down.

However, when the quarantine came into play, a lot of things changed. Most importantly, stars who would never cross the threshold of math came close to solving equations that could have established life on Mars.

In such a similar problem which was already cliché, to locate the number of triangles in one picture, it once again got popular when Jitesh Pillai, the editor of Filmfare shared it once again.

I failed too like a lot of others did but the lady who suffered the most of embarrassment after failing to crack the puzzle was Sonam Kapoor. She was extremely eager to sort it and failed. Twitteratti once again showed their unforgiving nature and proved themselves as Einsteins by achieving a simple problem.

This isn’t anything new though because it has always been like that on social media. An unstated competition between friends that is driving the world crazy and also making haters look cool.

Sonam responded to the tweet, quoting the answer to be 7 which was not correct. Ideally, it wasn’t close to the original answer, in fact, not even half of the same.

Apparently, Sonam Kapoor took the trolling with a big heart and her response was an amazing one that bloomed zillion smiles over the face of the netizens.

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