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Sonam Kapoor Gave A Fitting Reply To A Troll Who Told Her To Go To Pakistan

Actress Sonam Kapoor, who claims to be from Pakistan, is currently being trolled on social media. Netizens have asked her why she is not living in Pakistan. Sonam has now given a befitting reply to the trolls.

‘Keep calm. Exactly what someone says and how you misinterpret it does not affect the speaker, but the interpreter. So first identify who you are and then troll, ‘she tweeted.

In an interview with the BBC, Sonam said how is her family related with Pakistan. The actor talked about how her parents had been to Kashmir and chosen to name her there. She said, “I’m half Sindhi and half Peshawari. It’s appalling to see some portion of my way of life is something that I can’t see too.”

In a response to an inquiry concerning the A370 circumstance, she proceeded to say, “It’s shocking to see where the circumstance has landed at the present time. So I think for me presently it’s smarter to stay silent and let this pass on the grounds that even this also will pass. Our nation was one nation, similar to, 70 years prior and the way that there is such a lot of disruptive governmental issues at play is truly grievous.”

She had likewise discussed Pakistan prohibiting Bollywood films. Reviewing how her film, Neerja was not appeared in Pakistan in light of the fact that the plane that captured had arrived in Karachi,” she said, adding, “As an actor you need to be addressed all over the place and you need your work to be shown all over the place. The film in any case didn’t show Pakistan in a negative light but the way that they didn’t show the film in Pakistan was grievous for me.

Netizens have once again criticized Sonam for making bizarre statements. Some advised him to go directly to Pakistan. They were not interested in Sonam’s statement. This was not the first time Sonam has been trolled by a statement. Even before this she faced trolling for his statements.

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