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Salman Khan Asked Rakhi Sawant If She Has ‘Hired’ Ritesh To Play Her Husband And She gave A Hilarious Reply

The controversial queen, Rakhi Sawant has entered the Bigg Boss house but this time she is not alone. She has entered with her ‘husband’ Ritesh. Yes, Rakhi has finally introduced her husband to Bigg Boss house.

Ritesh entered the show in a black suit and started grilling the contestant with his questions. However, many were doubtful if the new contestant is actually her husband or not, this also included host and Bollywood superstar Salman Khan.

Salman Khan was so doubtful that he cheekily asked Rakhi if she has hired him to play her husband in the show. Salman asked:

 “Is he really your husband, or have you hired him?”

Responding to the superstar, Rakhi came up with a hilarious reply as she cleared: “No, no, he is my ‘pati parmeshwar’, my only husband.”

Later on, Riteish also cleared the air and accepted that he is indeed Rakhi Sawant’s husband and went on to introduce himself. He also admitted the fact that he was too cautious with his profession and that is the reason he couldn’t accept Rakhi before. He said:

 “Rakhi never lies. Whatever she has said, it’s 100 percent true. It was my fault that I couldn’t accept her before, as I was too cautious with my profession and asked her to hold off. It was Rakhi’s maturity to adhere to this, and I asked her to not make my photos viral, and she had to face a lot of insults because of this,” 

However, several fans still refused to believe Rakhi and her husband’s true identity and came up with their opinions on the same.

Here, check out the reactions of Twitterati on this:

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