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Even Swara Bhaskar Couldn’t Stop Laughing At This ‘Kaagaz Nahin Dikhayenge’ Joke

Swara Bhasker, the brilliance and personification of the word versatility has always been known in the industry for her badass attitude and speaking the truth, no matter the consequence. Most of the Bollywood fanatics have noted that in the time of need, Swara always rose to talk about scenarios that needed true and apt justification.


This has always been maintained cordially. It is known that with speaking your mind and protecting true rights comes controversy and gossip. However, this never bothered this woman with the heart of gold. We all remember at the time of NRC and CAA how Swara, protected and protested against the method.

Even though the scenario has cooled down now, but the idea or the authenticity of the news was never changed. It had remained constant more or less even though the artefacts and words around it has increased and got better. Following this, the terms of vaccination from the pandemic were released.

With the vaccine for the dreaded virus finally is coming to light slowly, things are taking a turn. There has been a post recently that states how one can register for the vaccination once it hits so that the process gets carried out okay. The term states that the registration for the vaccine needs one of any of the below documents.

The documents you can choose from are: Aadhar card, Voter Card, Pan Card, Driving License, Passport, MNREGA Job Card, Smart Card Issued by the RGI under NPR, Service Identity Cards with pictures issued, Pension Document, Official Identity Cards, Passbook, Health Insurance. There is a very varied list from which one can choose.

It is stated that one can choose any one of the above documents to register for the vaccine beforehand. Soon after people started talking about how people need documents to register for the vaccine which is equivalent to asking for papers. This is a topic that has been going rounds.

Recently, Madhav Sharma, shared a meme in regards to this which is slowly getting viral.

The same got a reply from the stunning and fearless Swara, stating how funny it actually is.

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