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An Indian Complained about Google Map And Google Replied With Shayari

Gone are the days when experts along the roadside tea-shops used to bring in their very confused blend of directions to usher you to your destination. The series of commands that used to sound more or less like a march-past happening, was the very famous code of conduct followed by these strangers.

However, it has been replaced by the Google Maps app that has everything built inside it. All you have to do is type your location correctly and Google will show you the way.

With all said and done, perfection has always been a far-fetched thing in every single invention and development. There has been nothing different in terms of Google maps too and the fallacy in the app was pointed by an Indian comedian whose response won over the internet.

The point that needs to be noted is that the Maps haven’t got a separate indicator of you are to climb a flyover. It is all the same and it very confusing to find out whether you are in the right direction.

A similar incident unfolded with an user from India called Karthik Arora and he highlighted the entire incident in bold letters and in the funniest way. He was frustrated with this flyover thingy and decided to make people laugh a bit.

To make it funny, the tweet from Karthik Arora was retweeted 8000 times that riveted the attention of Google. They did response to the tweet too.

He tweeted, “Dear @Google

Itne badhiya maps banaye, chota sa feature aur daal dete ki saaf saaf bolde flyover par chadhna hai ya neeche se jaana hai. 5 inch ke screen par aadhe milimetre ka deflection Kahan se dekhe aadmi?

Yours Truly,
2km aage se U Turn leta hua aadmi.”

Ideally, this when translated, it stands for the fact that Google Maps has created amazing mapping features and yet there is no indicator to highlight whether to go above or go below. Hence, in order to accommodate the given roads, one has to turn around in the wrong direction at least a couple of kilometres before.

In a span of two days the Tweet attracted fanfare and Google responded in the sweetest and one of the most humourous ways possible.

They quoted, “Shukar manate hain aap jaise users ka, jo humein sahi raah dikhaate hain. Behtar bante jaane ka yeh safar rukega nahin, mere humsafar.”

This was a promise of the fact that the feature was coming shortly and the user was heard loud and clear.

However, if you have already been a sufferer, never mind there will always be a next time.

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