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5 Times Fans Got Lucky After Bollywood Celebrities Replied To Their Proposals

The industry of entertainment is vastly and majorly depended on the audience that it builds. The ability to enthrall audience at a major level is what the industry thrives on and gains finances from. This is the most pragmatic and enthralling area to be honest. Celebrities, may it be out very own Bollywood dreamers or silver screen players are well aware of them.

Thus a very important part of going through with the scenario is having the support of one’s fanbase and having direct and regular contact with them. That is how majorly most of the PR work is done. Every celebrity thereby contributes a major part of their life towards their fans as it is a necessity. This is majorly because the base that’s they create speaks a lot about their own self.

But, there are a few hidden gems who not only have regular contact with their support system but also communicate with them on a personal level.

Here is a list of 5 celebrities who went to the extent of accepting a proposal

Tisca Chopra

The Bollywood actress who is known for her beautiful heart, face and body has always been a favourite amongst her fans. The base of them rooting for her even at her lowest times goes to show how much of an impact the woman has over the heart of her followers. Thus when a fellow fan named Rahul expressed his love and proposed to her for marriage, Tisca quickly took the opportunity to reply back. The gorgeous actress confirmed wittily that she was indeed just waiting to be asked out by him and also requested for his details so that she can show her husband who she is leaving him for.

Kapil Sharma

The current king of comedy who is known for his amazing sense of humour and perfect placements of wit has come a long way. From being a contender in a comedy show to having a show of his own, Kapil is known all over. Needless to say, he has quite a big following over social media. Once, he was also asked out to be the valentine of a fellow fan over Twitter. Kapil did not waste time and quickly advised the girl to go to sleep as she must be having school the next day.

Raveena Tandon

The evergreen actress still has a base that can give A-listers a run. The stunning bombshell defies every rule of ageing that there is by growing younger and more beautiful if that is possible with time. Thus, it was not a surprise when a die-hard fan named Dr Anver Ali asked her hand for marriage over Twitter. Raveena replied back to the man stating that he is “13 years too late”.

Sushant Singh Rajput


The heartthrob of Bollywood who stole hearts starting from his performances over Silver screen was also known for his amazing choice of roles and brilliant portrayal of the same. However, the man had brains that could make any woman go crazy. Thus, it was not a surprise when Sushant was proposed to by a fan named Snehal Mahajan over Twitter. Sushan quickly tweeted stating that the woman should have asked him out sooner.


Taapsee Pannu

One of the most versatile actors in the current race, Taapsee has always been known for her out of the box choices that left her fans asking for more. The woman is also known for her quality of being witty, honest and unafraid. Thus, when she was proposed to over social media she rose to the occassion of taking a small dose of sarcasm as the man has everything she dreams of as he is non alcoholic and a virgin.



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