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20 Funny Images That Will Drive You Insane With Laughter

If you manage to look around yourself, you will observe things that aren’t just weird but plain bizarre. In India, such things are predominant to an extent that is plainly unrivaled. Not only do they manage to make you laugh but at times they make you wonder why exactly you even exist if you yourself couldn’t create such an iconic moment.

In this story, we will be looking at a few weird and bizarre pictures which will make your day at any point in time, irrespective of the fact that they are real or airbrushed.

  1. You think I am small, so eff you!

This little girl just wanted to be cute and her attempted signposting at being a rockstar ended up in a catastrophe.

  1. Curiosity only kills the cat but not a full-grown man

This man is intrigued by the fact that can a radio transmitter hide your genitalia? Let’s all donate this man a few alms to buy underwear before another cataclysm unfolds

  1. Parents, please do let your children follow their dreams or you may have to get a picture credit for this disaster below

This man pretty sure wanted to dance while he was a kid and his parents must have pushed him towards being a doctor or an engineer and he simply stop tapping his feet whenever he sees such snaps.

  1. Let’s rock and roll to some sweet music

Just to give you a heads-up, this is a sweet manufacturing kitchen. Welcome to reality.

  1. I am the mother of all inventions

Peeps, lets’ buy a free clip for this gorgeous woman. The drink can wait.

  1. Porn is life for some

Indeed it is so much life, that this woman wants to boast about the same to the world.

  1. It is some fiery hanky panky while Dhoom 420 unfolds on a scooty

Romeo and Juliet are too horny to pull their horns, even when on the road.

  1. I am not gonna be the king but I am gonna walk as if I do not care who the king is

This man just got the throne literally and others drive him in their own version of a horse-powered chariot while the ones driving the Chevrolet can trail.

  1. Brothers!

If it is a cricket match going on, what matters that it goes on and the TV no matter how small serves you right.

  1. So many savings will help you forge another Antilia

This advert helps you save 10 paise if you are going for this brand of flour and you can very well buy yourself a mansion with it which is equivalent to Mukesh Ambani’s Antilia.

  1. Testing has been done and we can cut down to the chase

The wedding of Sudhager and Sangeeta can wait. Apparently, Sudhager is good in bed and the entire world knows.

  1. Reminded me of my own childhood

My dad used to make me ride his scooter like this when I was a kid. Unfortunately, this woman is a fully-grown woman.

  1. This man is made of 90 percent garland and the remaining is whatever components a human body needs to stand

The groom was so very loved by his family that they swathed him in an astronomical garland.

  1. Love for social media is more overwhelming than your partners

These two women love social media so much that they want to show this to the world.

  1. It is so hotter than molten lava

It is so hot that these lads need ice to cool themselves. Unfortunately, their defiance of physics is what makes this snap even more fascinating.

  1. I am gonna make wine of these grapes

This man is selling a piece of grape at Rs 20 and yet they look like mangoes. Sad but true.

  1. India has its own version of Ron Pitts

This lad is auditioning for the role of the Indian version of “Destroyed in seconds”.

  1. Messi, you have a competitor

Even the God of football will be envying this woman with such balancing prowess.

  1. This man is just a tailor in the dress of a security guard

He has been shouldered with the onus of stitching clothes. Guarding the machine is a secondary responsibility.

  1. Volkswagen beat that!

This man just made a golden mountain out of Volkswagen’s marketing caption.

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