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13 Pictures That Were Clicked At The “Right” Moment

  1. Life is full of surprises. As we all say out of everything that is happening and going on, we realise that change is the only constant. However, going by the saying at times life surprises us. The surprises come in both sad and happy ways. But out of all this one major trick that we all try to avoid is extreme embarrassments. It seldom happens that pictures are clicked just at the right moment so that the memory is captured eternally.

A picture tells a thousand stories, thus, today we would take a look at 13 pictures that redefine embarrassment, weirdness and fun.

Vitamin- Sea

Have you ever lounged at the seaside using tomatoes as a sunscreen. Doctors do say that Vitamin C in abundance is good. This seems like a nice way to absorb it all.

Sleep Tight

We all sleep in comfortable attire, may it be shorts, tights, pyjamas. We never run out of options. However, if you are travelling, it may seem a bit rude to sleep comfortably in your tights with a very scarred co-passenger by your side. Comfort first, we guess.

Slip and Fall

Ouch! In the name of God, that is one nasty fall. Hope all was well after that.

Say Creep

We do not know the entire story, but from the angle, it was clicked, this picture screams creepy. We hope the girl was able to escape soon after.

Oh Snap

We all know the feeling of a lid not opening. But what is worse, when it spills the contents leaving you drenched. What a waste!

Duct It Up

It is true, duct tape can hold it all. Even humans as it seems. It would be a job to undo the guy hanging though.

Bad Santa

There is a reason children above a certain age are requested to not sit on Santa’s lap.

Oh, Snap!

Think before you say maybe? Conclusions can be dreadful.


It is very important to position yourself correctly while wrestling so that you can defend yourself physically or at least mentally?

Height Game

It is difficult being a third wheel, much less a ladder. This picture absolutely shows the heights of friendzone.

Nap Free Zone

It is favourable to look for better napping conditions so that later your bosses are not identified or informed. Stay safe and nap away!

V for Vendetta

Aah, a mask. Imagine the shock when the guy comes out to see the real picture and the outcome. Kiss with your eyes open from today, people.

Free the Nipple

Looks like ‘free the nipple’ movement is slowly getting to people. Never wear a crop top without a bra. Going commando is great but not at all times.

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