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10 Pics of Annanya Pandey’s Sister Alanna Panday Will Leave You Gasping For Air

Ananya Pandey’s cousin, Alanna Panday sure is the new face on the block. Even though she is not in from the background of movies and jazz and glamour, the woman sure does have a face that can melt hearts and grace that surpasses expectations. This versatile goddess these days is ruling the Instagram platform. Her number of followers is growing at a steady pace and how. Currently, the woman stands at around 632k followers and also does have a youtube channel that is glossing and shining more with time. 

She came into the picture after she was discovered after the uproar that Bahubali caused. However, later her aesthetic Instagram account sealed the deal. Alanna very often uploads pictures of her alone are stunning dresses and monokinis and at times with her dashing boyfriend Ivor. 

The pictures that are posted almost is too hot to handle and can make anyone lose their mind. Today, thus, let us take a look at a few of her pictures that is slowly and steadily taking the world of social media by storm. 

She is stealing the wind from our lungs with this picture. You cannot by any stance look away.

Some of her monokini white pictures also got a beautiful comment from her mother Diane, appreciating the beauty that she is.

The picture of Alanna and her boyfriend in bathrobes sharing a glass of wine is sheer perfection. This is what comfort basically is about.


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