Each one of us, every single person across the globe is working hard to achieve their goals, to be at a better position and to have a lots of money in their bank accounts for better future.

But some people are lucky enough to have born with everything we are working hard for right now. They are born in the richest families.


Being rich is about being fortunate enough to buy anything you want and when you are fortunate enough to buy anything, you start living in a world which is away from any mediocre problems and worst conditions. This world actually hides a person in itself away from the problems of life.

For some people, time doesn’t remain the same forever, it changes, some people go from being filthy rich to extremely poor or to being a mediocre.

Here we bring you some heart-wrenching confessions of these filthy rich kids who got hit by the harsh realities of life, have a look:

1. Loosing our most loved possession surely hurts us the most:

“When my Dad was sued and we went from having 3 Mercedes, a Lamborghini, and a Ferrari to having a Toyota Sequoia.”

2. A change in lifestyle hurts and it takes time to adjust:

”About 2nd grade. That’s when my family went bankrupt (my dad got f**ked over by his business partner) and we went from new cars, games, eating out constantly, and computers, to filling water bottles at the library, pooling baths, and having variations of pasta for weeks for dinner, in the course of months. We’re still on the climb back to full middle-upper class. I’m very fortunate to have great parents that do their best :).”

3. Reality is different:

“Grew up in a fancy home, more rooms than you could ever need on a large property in a pretty rural area. I got everything I wanted whenever I wanted; huge plasma tv, DSLR camera, motorbike, pony etc. I never knew what my parents really did for a living, I remember kids always asking what my parents did as a job in the playground and I never really knew how to respond.

I soon figured out what my parents did when my dad was arrested for drug trafficking and the house, cars and everything else was repossessed by the government as profits of crime. I now live in a sh!tty house that barely stands in a dodgy area of town, it definitely was a shock to the system but I’m adjusting just fine I guess.”

4. Worst conditions surely changes a person completely:

“I was a spoiled rotten child and also into my teen years. My parents bought me a brand new red convertible for my 16th birthday. I threw a fit over it because what I actually wanted was my brother’s old car (that we still had) which was dark blue in colour. I was so shallow and a horrible person back then…

So what really turned me around? That next summer I took a job as a camp counselor at a local day camp. I did not have to work but I was bored and sounded like something easy to do. God, I was so wrong. This day camp was specifically geared to the lower classes who could not afford childcare during the summer. We served them breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack. For a lot of the camp kids this was all they would eat that day and on Friday’s they would beg for extra food/snacks to take home for themselves and/or their siblings because they may not get to eat again until Monday. This really hit me hard but the part that got me the most…

This one kid (around 5-6) would refuse to take their shoes and socks off, even if we were going to the public pool that day. I couldn’t understand why until one day he came in limping, like his feet were causing him so much pain. I convinced him to let me help him get his shoes and socks so I could see what might be bothering him. Once I did, it took everything in me not to break down right there. His socks were covered in blood.

His poor tiny little feet were covered in sores and his toes seemed to curl under a bit. He was in so much pain from the state of his feet. As it turns out, he had been wearing shoes about 3 sizes too small. His family couldn’t afford new shoes. I took my lunch break and went out to buy him new socks and a few pairs of shoes.

This broke me..which I definitely needed. It changed my way of thinking forever.”

5. Messing up situations sometimes is important in order to learn new things:

“When I was 16 my parents left for a week vacation and gave me money for the week. Since I didn’t know how to do laundry (never even seen it done) I took all my clothes to the dry cleaner. Even my panties. The cleaners asked 3 times if I was sure I wanted them dry cleaned. I said yes. 2 days later I got 8 pairs of panties safety pinned to individual hangers. My “laundry” cost about $90 that week. I just assumed this was all normal.”

6. From making other works for you to learning to work on your ownself:

“Military Bootcamp. Wanted to eat an orange, didn’t know how to peel one. Slyly waited for someone else to start peeling before emulating him. End up with a badly squashed, untidily peeled orange ball that tasted like sour reality. BOOM. Evolved.”

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