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Vidyut Jammwal Breaks Silence Over His Relationship With Adah Sharma

Vidyut Jammwal, known for his stupendous role in the franchise ‘Commando’ is what you can somewhat call a fitness-buff. Owing to those epic muscles and ripped abs that has curves just at the right places, it is a miracle that girls do not follow him all around the city. Vidyut however has always made it extremely clear how important fitness and body goals are for him and also went to the extent to show that his body is his temple. The ‘Commando’ actor not to much surprise has a crazy long line of female fan and followers.

The man with the body of Zeus is often related and linked up to his co-star, Adah Sharma. The couple were both seen sharing screen in their franchise movie Commando from the start and the chemistry that was shared between them put almost the screen on fire. The rippling sexual chemistry between the duo was often taken up as a sign of them being together.

Recently, Adah Sharma was a part of Ted Talk and thus when it was posted up on Youtube, the beautiful star took to Twitter to share the link with the caption, “My TED talk !! Tell me what u think ! I’m free now I will read all youtube comments loooollll”.

Soon after Vidyut retweeted the post stating, “My personal favourite..articulate and funny..A must watch”.

This intrigued followers way much and soon a fan asked the inevitable question, “ARE YOU AND ADAH ARE “JUST FRIENDS” ?”. The question was posed by a fellow fan. To this Vidyut replied with something that stole everyone’s heart.

Vidyut wrote, “Just friends “ not at all ..we are courageous,kind,intuitive,focused,grateful,open-minded,unassuming,considerate,sharing,Educated,happy,calm ,quiet and BEST FRIENDS..I wish upon you someone like us”

We wish the same, Vidyut. Trust us!


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