Manushi Chhillar Was Asked ‘Are Pakistani Girls More Beautiful?’ She Gave A Brilliant Reply


Manushi Chhillar has been all over the news after she was crowned Miss World few days back.


She has made India proud after winning the beauty competition after seventeen years since Priyanka Chopra won it back in 2000. She came back to India with a grand reception but not everyone has been kind to her.The whole world is talking about her and it’s a matter of great pride for Indian and Indians.

However, the Pakistani media hasn’t taken her major victory in a positive manner. They have claimed that there are far more beautiful women in Pakistan who deserve to win the contest.


She was asked about this in her latest press meet. The model gave a very fitting answer to the media which again proves her intelligence.

Manushi Chhillar said that the beauty contest is not to judge who is the most beautiful participant. All the girls who represented their countries are very good looking.

It is not only about the outer beauty of the contestants.

The contest judges that how the girls are using their beauty to help the people of the society.

She went on to say that a beautiful heart is selected out of all to represent them and the final winner is decided upon the contribution to the world irrespective of which country she belongs from.

It is evident that Manushi is very beautiful. But with her replies she is making it clear that she won the prestigious contest because she has the talent and the intelligence to represent the best of the lot. We hope Pakistani doubters got their answer.

So far, Manushi Chhillar has come across as a very intelligent and well spoken girl who is super proud of her achievement. She also understands the emotions of the nation and speaks accordingly. Watch her reply here:

Here is the video: