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Someone Tried To Insult Madhavan On Twitter And He Gave An Epic Reply

Bollywood and South movie actor Madhavan is one of the most talented and versatile actors. 19 years ago, Madhavan stole the hearts of many with his charming performance in the movie Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein and he still continues to do so every time he is on the big screen.

Besides his amazing acting skills, the actor is loved for his generous and ground-to-earth nature. Recently, Bollywood actor Amit Sadh, who worked with Madhavan in the web-series ‘Breathe’, took to his Twitter and dedicated a post for him. He wrote:

“BROTHER … MADDY SIR … you have inspired me with those ( THIRTY MINUTES) yet again … love you bro … more when we meet next”

Here, check out the Tweet:

While the fans flooded the tweet with their amazing reactions on it, however, a user tried to insult Madhavan by calling him an ‘alcoholic and drug addict’. The twitter user went on to say that Madhavan’s addiction has ruined his career and life. She wrote:

Maddy was once my hearthrob ❤️💞
Now It’s so disheartening to see Madhavan ruining his brilliant career, health & life behind alcohol and narco drugs..
While he entered b-wood in RHTDM, he was fresh as a blossoming bud
Now look at him, his face & eyes
They speak it all..!”

Here, check out the Tweet:


Maddy was quick to notice the tweet and come up with a reply to it. Madhavan came up with a hilarious reply to the fan as he took a hilarious dig at her ‘diagnoses’. He trolled her by writing that he is now worried for her patients. He wrote:

Oh .. So that’s your diagnoses ? I am worried for YOUR patients.  May be you need a Docs appointment. .”

Here, check out his reply:


Soon, Madhavan’s ‘Breath’ co-star Amit Sadh also noticed the tweet of the fan and decided to school her. In his tweet, Amit Sadh expressed how it is heartbreaking for him to watch people misusing Twitter and freedom of speech. He wrote:

Really … he is one of the most genuine people / artist /geniuses we have ..
My heart breaks , how people miss use Twitter and the freedom of speech … I hope you learn not to make such nasty statements …
About anyone ! Find peace my love !”

Here, check out the Tweet of Amit Sadh:

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