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A Troller Trolled Rakul Preet for Her Dress on Twitter, She Gave A Cracking Reply

It seems that irrespective of the moving forward of the entire world, the sick mentality of the planet will never change. Recently in a Twitter spat between Rakulpreet Singh and her fans, it was once again validated that the nation still tends to support people questioning women’s dress.

Rakulpreet Singh is one of the most famous actresses in the south industry and she is quite popular on social media for her posts. However, like other actresses, she has also been subjected to tremendous online trolling and harassment.

Last year Rakul was spotted getting out of the car wearing Denim shorts and a jacket. This, unfortunately, was taken to a cheap level by a troll named Bhagath and he took to Twitter to expose his own rotten mentality, citing, “When she forgot to wear her pant after the session in the car.”

This specific comment didn’t really sit well with her fans and they asked him to venerate women and not make such comments. Rakul didn’t hold back on her ire and posted, “I think your mother does a lot of sessions in the car so you are an expert !! Ask her to give u some sense also besides these session details .. till the time people like this exist women can’t be safe .. just debating about equality and safety won’t help.. #sickmind”

Her fans came to her aid and bashed the user left and right. After drawing flak from the audience, the user changed his profile picture from public to private.

Once the actress spoke up against the creepo’s comment but unfortunately indulged his mother in it, that is where Twitteratti went on to defend the offender in the first place, completely forgetting what he has done.

A user stated, “When a celebrity crosses all boundaries and shows their dirty side out & open…How correct is it on #Rakulpreet’s part to pass such cheap remarks about a MOTHER just because her son is behaving in a vulgar manner ??? Giving gyaan on women safety by abusing a woman.”

Another illiterate user commented, “When I first saw his tweet it’s too vulgar and abusive but after seeing ur reply felt like u deserve this.”

Rakul put the debate to bed, citing, “Well for people questioning my ethics why don’t you speak up when women are objectified and I’ve chosen my words only to make such #sickminds realize that they have a family too and how would they feel if the same is done to them! I am sure his mother would give him a slap too.”

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