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7 Bollywood Who Found Love In Men Who Divorced Their First Wives

Even though life in Bollywood is mostly kept to a strict professional dynamic, various personal relations brew amongst the co-stars. Apart from innocent friendship and lovable connections to one’s family, romantic relations are also found in abundance. The roles that these actors play often put them in scenarios of romantic comedies. Thus, it is normal for them to fall in love easily. But, it is also capable of breaking a strong bond like marriage. Today, we would take a look at 7 Bollywood actresses who got married to a person with an already failed marriage or marriages. However, in this list, we are also happy to announce that most of them are leading an extremely fulfilling and loving married life. Without further ado, lets jump:


The actress who won the industry with her charming grace and an evergreen smile started her career with the Tollywood industry. She was a big hit in her Tamil, Telegu, Malayalam and Kannada movies. The woman who is often referred to as the first Bollywood female superstar then ventured into the Bollywood industry. Soon she became a bubbling hit and worked wonders with Anil Kapoor and Amitabh as co-stars. This was major because of the want of the audience, as this was a pair that won the heart. In 1985, she got married to the famous Mithun Chakraborty, but, sadly the marriage did not last long and the couple ended divorcing three years later. Soon after in 1996, Sridevi got married to Boney Kapoor. Boney, the famous director was already married back then to Mona Shourie Kapoor and also had a son. But, the latter divorced her so he could get together with Sridevi. The couple went on to get married and lead an extremely happy life until Sridevi left us all after a tragic accident in 2018.

Bipasha Basu

The actress who made it big with her debut movie  Ajnabee made it quite clear that she is here to make a name for herself. The woman who took the concept of boldness to an altogether different level was one of the most sought actors back in the 2000s when she made it big after the blockbuster hit Raaz. Bipasha, however in her first lap was in love with then actor Dino Morea but it did not work out. Later her relationship with Jism co-star went viral. The couple also made it official as they were quite into each other. Sadly, the same did not work out as well and the marriage had to be called off. Later, during the shoot of her last movie ( till now), Bipasha met Karan Singh Grover and they sealed the deal. The two are in a loving and understanding marital relationship and we could not be happier. Karan, however, got married for the third time, his previous two marriages wit Shraddha Nigam and Jennifer Winget did not work out.

Hema Malini

The ‘It’ girl of Bollywood during the golden era was none other than Hema Malini. The actress who was often referred to as the Dream Girl made her debut in the famous movie Sapno Ke Saudagar opposite Raj Kapoor. The beautiful actress then moved on to work with various actors and soon fell in love with Dharmendra. However, since Dharmendra was already married to wife Prakash Kaur, the couple did not have much hope. That is when the man of the hour changed to Islam and got married to Hema Malini. This entire process was however done and kept without Dharmendra divorcing his first wife Prakash Kaur. The couple, however, was a rage and lived happily with each other.

Raveena Tandon

The actress who does not seem to age and looks exactly like she used to do in her prime days was always on the headline while she was actively acting. If it were not for the movies she made, it was in regards to the gossip in and surrounding her that was very frequently seen on Page 3. The woman who had affairs with numerous Bollywood stars was married to Akshay Kumar. However, the couple split up due to personal reasons. Soon after, Raveena met and started dating the film distributor Anil Thadani. Anil was also divorced in 2003. The couple soon got married and went on to live a very content and prosperous life with each other. By the looks of it, the dupo finally found the love that they kept on looking for in the earlier days.

Lara Dutta

The actress started her career as a model. The woman participated in a various beauty pageant and hustled until she got her desired results. In 1997 she got the break when she was crowned Miss Intercontinental 1997. This gave her the confidence that she wanted and was soon crowned Miss Universe, three years later. The woman then started her journey in Bollywood and made it big in 2003 with the blockbuster box office hit  Andaaz. Soon she started getting various offers and she accomplished it all. However, she soon fell in love with Mahesh Bhupathi, an ex-tennis player and the only Indian to win the Grand Slam Tournament back in 1997. Mahesh was however married to Shveta for 7 years from 2002 to 2009. But, Mahesh Srinivas Bhupathi decided to divorce her. Soon Lara and Mahesh got married and are in a very successful married life.

Shilpa Shetty

The woman who kept on rocking the industry and even now, when she is not actively member had, has and will continue to have a very big influence. Shilpa who recently turned into a fitness connoisseur and a yoga practitioner also have a dance reality show where she is the judge. The woman of dreams and beautiful eyes is however married to businessman Raj Kundra. As per the sources that we have, Raj was already in a married relationship with wife Kavita when he started seeing Shilpa Shetty. Raj soon divorced Kavita after giving birth to a daughter and moved on to marry the beautiful icon that Shilpa Shetty was. The couple hitched with a lot of pomp and vigour and continue to be madly in love.

Kareena Kapoor khan

Kareena Kapoor, the name that needs no introduction in Bollywood and was and continues to be one of the most sought after actresses. She was said to be in love with Shahid Kapoor, however, the couple broke up and soo Kareena got married to Saif Ali Khan. Saif was however married to Amrita Singh, who was 13 years older than him. But later into their marriage, the duo sort for a divorce due to constant bickering and fights. They also had two kids Sara Ali Khan and Ibrahim Ali together. Kareena after her marriage to Saif also gave birth to the cutest boy named Taimur, who went on to grab eyeballs all over media.

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