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Kumar Vishwas Slammed All Those Who Bursted Crackers Last Night

After the declaration made by PM Modi, people from all over the country followed the 9 pm for 9 minutes by switching off lights of their houses and burning diyas and candles instead. Well, as anticipated, not many people took the civilized way to celebrate the cause.

Rather, bursting crackers from the rooftops and around local streets became more important. This distasteful choice of taking everything to a new level of the disaster showed serious indecency in the youths of the country. Indian poet, Kumar Vishwas showed his agitation on social media. He expressed his shock not able to understand why a disaster like the coronavirus is fought with more such disastrous and baseless ideas.

In his tweet, he described how the people around his colony considered the appeal to be more like the festival Diwali. He was shocked to see how people were actually celebrating and he wondered when our ethics will improve. He further wrote of he was the only one in the colony to follow exactly what Modi had advised.

Here is the Tweet:

Few other celebs and artists also expressed their shock. Actors like Sonam Kapoor, Taapsee Pannu did not quite like the idea of firecrackers going off. Actor Divya Dutta posted a tweet saying “we were asked to light a lamp and not burst firecrackers, why don’t people just get it?”


As unfortunate as it looks, “bhakts” will never step a foot back to go and rise above the regular people to prove that we are plain ignorant. What do you think?

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