You Will Stop Being A ‘Show Off’ On Social Media After Looking At These 18 Snapchat Pictures


My parents gifted me a Titan watch on my 18th birthday and I couldn’t stop showing for one long month. Difference. Huge difference.


Trust, Ola and Uber are much better, and cheaper.


The toughest decision I had to make today was whether to have butter on parantha or not. And, trust me, it was tough, but I ate a double-butter aalo parantha.

I used to go back to school on a rickshaw.

And I am allergic to such costly leather. Such are life diaries.

Better option: Take it in your hands and eat like a junkie. Stop showing FFS, man.

I will also wear a blue underwear today.

I would rather get it packed and eat on the go.

I can buy a lifelong supply of tissues with that much amount of money.

Out of toilet paper and words.

I would simply pick it up and iron.

I also have four apples, in my refrigerator. I bought it from a roadside fruit seller yesterday.

The last I saw so many notes was when people were crying with their old Rs 500 notes after demonetisation.

I think I crush is weed.

That house is bigger than my entire family’s houses put together. But, we are still happy.

When I run out of paper, I run out of the class.

I got a laddu for passing my driving test. And, I was happy.

My 14th birthday present was a nike cap. Yes, that’s it.