Rich people have their own ways of doing ordinary things. We all have seen how money can make ordinary things look extra-ordinary and also the other way around. From luxury cars and private jets to multi-story mansions, rich people have luxuries that an ordinary man can’t even dream of. One such wife of a billionaire spends crores of rupees on her bath.

Kamaliya Zahoor, wife of Mohammad Zahoor – a Ukraine-based British businessman of Pakistani origin, world famous for her ultra-luxurious way of bathing. Yes, bathing. Being a famous model and singer herself, Kamaliya was obsessed with the celebrity lifestyle even before marrying Mohammad, and now when she has all the money in the world to afford every luxury, she does things in style.

Kamaliya likes bathing champagne and the champagne-bath she takes every day costs crores of rupees per month, as one bottle of the champagne she uses for the bath costs around INR 5000. Reportedly, Kamaliya Zahoor believes that champagne is good for her skin and helps her stay young. Kamaliya is also fond of diamond watches, which costs Rs 40 lakh each.

Kamaliya, who was a successful model before her marriage, married Mohammad Zahoor in 2003 and the couple now has two very adorable daughters Mirabella and Arabella.

According to some media reports, the couple has 22 servants in their mansion to look after day-to-day affairs in the house. Also, Mr. Mohammad Zahoor spends INR 1.94 crore annually on the salaries of these servants.

The couple also has more than 10 homes in London, Kiev, Moscow, Majorca, Dubai, Pakistan and the Cayman Islands. They also have private jets and a collection of exotic cars.