This 5 Feet 2 Inches Tall Man Named ‘White Death’ Is World’s Deadliest Snipper


This 5 Feet 2 Inches Tall Man Named ‘White Death’ Is World’s Deadliest Snipper: A five-foot tall man might not really look like someone who would just turn into a killing machine. But, Simo Häyhä turned out to be the most feared person ever in history.

He was a farmer and hunter who belonged from Rautjärvi, southern Finland. He took part in the Winter War of 1939-40 and turned out to be the Finnish national hero. The war had a destructing effect on both the Russians and the Finns. 25,900 Finns and 126,900 Russians were killed in this unfateful war.

This war also witnessed how the Finns fought bravely to protect their newly acquired independence against the Soviets who had a huge number of soldiers on their side compared to the Finns.

The war lasted for 105 days. Häyhä fought against the Soviets and had 505 sniper kills for his country. If calculated correctly, it can be assumed that he killed 5 people a day.

What exactly a sniper does? A sniper has to be very skilled in his work. He has to create casualties among the rival troops, slow the movement if the enemies, has to instill fear among the enemy, lower the morale of the enemies and has to create a confusion among the rival troops.

Häyhä was so powerful that his presence use to bring out the worst in the enemies. He was even able to influence their decisions. His attire included a white hood and a long coat jacket which was his signature dress code. He earned the name Belaja Smert, or ‘White Death’ by the Soviets.

This Finnish war hero had some particular skills for which he turned out to be the most feared person in the history. He used to hide in the woods in -20 to -40 degree Celsius, for his victims.

He had a very good skill of judging the distance between two objects and was very much appreciated by his colleagues. To name a few, his tricks included stuffing snow in mouth by which fumes won’t come out from his breath.

He used to freeze the snow around himself so that it won’t fly around during firing. He used to place gloves between the rifle and the ground for dampening the jolt of the weapon.

He used an M28 sniper. When he was asked if he ever regretted being a sniper he only said, “I only did my duty, and what I was told to do, as well as I could.”