We Just Can’t Get Over These Real Life Famous Cartoon Charters


Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck or Jerry, we all have our own favorite cartoon characters, irrespective of our ages.These cartoon characters have not just made our childhood memorable and fun but have also given us some amazing memories.

The Disney characters were the most amazing ones, they all had exaggerated features and huge eyes, but what if we tell you that the internet has found the doppelgangers of your favorite cartoon characters?


No, we are not joking.

Here, we bring you some of your favorite cartoon characters and their doppelgangers. Have a look and don’t blame us if nostalgia hits you :

  1. This man looks like everyone’s favorite, Carl from Up.:

2. If Carl is here, how can we forget Russel? :

3. The most lovable Granny from Looney Tunes:

4. This cat looks like Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon? :

5. This man looks like Mr. Burns :

6. Lol, Batman is a cat :

7. Make some way for Johny Bravo:

8. Aww! This girl looks like Boo from Monster.Inc :

9. Linda Hunts looks exactly like Edna from The Incredibles:

10. In case you are wondering, Nicki Minaj is on the left 😀 :

11. Khal looks like Scar :

12. This cat looks like Master Shifu from Kung Fu Panda :

13. This man looks like Peter Griffin, look at that chin :

14. This man looks like Cartman from South Park:

15. Real Life Linguini from Ratatouille :

16. Jessica Rabbit in real life:

17. This dog looks like Sid:

18. This looks like Consuela from Family guy:

19. Real life Lady Linda:

20. Lol, they both look like Krang:

21. Danny Devito looks like Mister Spacely:

22. Walter White looks like Ned Flanders:

23. God! They look so similar:

24. Real Life Elsa:

25. Real life Hercule:


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