We all are aware that Jeff Bezos is the richest men in the world with the net worth of $116.6 Billions. He is the CEO of Amazon, the world’s largest shopping retailer.


Jeff dethroned Bill Gates from the position of world’s richest man. Bill Gates has topped this list and was sitting on the throne of “Richest Man In The World” for more than a decade. With the net worth of $92.9 Billions, Bill Gates is the second richest man in the world.

You’ll be shocked to know about the person we are about to discuss with you. He has more than the both of them, even combined. That man is none other than Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia. He is one of the most powerful men alive in this planet.¬†


Vladimir Putin for the last past decade has been ruling over Russia with an iron grip. For several years now, Vladimir has been the center of many global controversies, ranging from threats and crimes..etc.

You’ll be shocked to know that Vladimir is valued at $200 Billions. Yes! even if you combine the net worth of Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates, they would still fall short with the numbers.

This fact was highlighted by Bill Browder, Chief Executive Officer of Hermitage Capital Management. This corporation of Bill Browder has worked in Russia, holding assets in big companies like OAO United Energy System of Russia, Surgutneftegas, and Gazprom.

He claims that Vladimir Putin has cut deals with Businessmen in Russia which has allow him to have holdings in various corporations.

However, Putin has declined all these claims and according to his official accounts, he earns $133,000 per year and not more than that and his actual worth cannot be calculated as most of the assets his own are held in the name of his close friends and associates.

Panama paper scandal which got worldwide attention also gave a peek into the Russian holdings but still it did not leak much information about Vladimir, which somehow explains the game being played by the Russian government.

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