Virat Kohli Is The Richest Cricketer But His Income Is Nothing When Compared To Ronaldo


The stalwart Indian batsman and the skipper, Virat Kohli has been the highest paid cricketer for the year 2017. The bulk of his earnings this year has come from endorsements which have added great value to his worth.


But interestingly the world’s highest paid cricketer of the year seems to tiny in contrast to the earnings of the world’s highest paid athlete for the year 2017.

Virat is both rich and poor

Yes, the seemingly ultra rich Virat Kohli is not even anywhere close to half the income of Cristiano Ronaldo, the soccer sensation. On one hand there’s Cristiano Ronaldo who has earned 1191 crores this year and then you have the world’s highest paid cricketer with just 282 crores added this year.

Let alone being close to half the earnings of Ronaldo, Virat Kohli doesn’t even have one fourth of the earnings added this year by the Real Madrid Star, Cristiano Ronaldo.

This very categorically states the fact that soccer is well ahead of cricket when it comes to earnings and the soccer stars have larger brand values as compared to even the highest paid cricketer of the world.

Ronaldo takes great lead in prize money

Cristiano Ronaldo year after year wins mammoth amounts of prize money from scorer. This year top prize money accounts for 371 crores of his earnings of a whopping 1191 crores.

This is where Ronaldo takes a great lead ahead of Kohli. Virat has earned a prize money of only 19 crores this year. Virat’s total earnings fall short of the prize money earned by Ronaldo this year and clearly brand Ronaldo is a much greater brand that brand Virat Kohli.

Kohli earns more than Ronaldo on Instagram

Both these players are very pro active on the social media. They leave no chance to share pictures and updates on the social media. While Virat Kohli earned 3.2 crores from his Insta posts this year, Ronaldo earned 2.7 crores. This is one rare dimension in which Kohli has surpassed the Real Madrid Star.

Big difference in salaries

Salary is another area where Virat has been stumped by Ronaldo. This year Kohli’s salary stands at 141 crores while Cristiano Ronaldo’s salary for the year is a humongous figure of 595 crores. For both these players the salaries account for almost half of their earnings this year and the rest comes from prize money and brand endorsements.

Ronaldo stumps Kohli in brand endorsements

There’s again a big difference in what the two have earned from brand endorsements this year. Virat Kohli has earned 121 crores from brand endorsements this year and Ronaldo has earned 224 crores this year from brands.