Very Few People Know The Heart Breaking Real Story Behind Shinchan


When its 5 PM on the clock children abandon everything they are doing and get glued to the TV screens to watch their favourite cartoon ‘Shinchan.’

Not just kids but Shinchan is adored by every family member and adults as well as the aged ones too have surprisingly taken a lot of liking to Shinchan. He is everyone’s favourite.


Shinchan as a cartoon character tickles our laughing bones and that is the reason why he is adored by everyone. He seems like an adorable bundle of happiness. But the real story behind this character coming into existence is rather wrapped in misery.

This character came into existence from an unfortunate tragedy which will send chills down your spine. Reading about the real story behind Shinchan, you will have a whole new perspective towards him and a rather sympathetic one.

Shinchan as a cartoon character is based on a kid named Shinnosuke Nohara. This kid met a sad demise in a car accident. Drenched in misery and dejection his mother Misae started to sketch Shinchan in remembrance of her son. She designed a lot of sketches in her son’s remembrance and described all his memories and his fun days.

A cartoonist, Yoshita Usai then noticed these alluring sketches and offered to transform these beautiful memories into a Japanese magazine daily. As soon as these sketches got featured in the magazine, they gained enormous popularity and ratings. Then the crayons of his mother embraced the instigation of a cartoon series named “Crayon Shinchan.”


The cartoon series will never feature the last episode in which Shinchan dies. This is a fact not many would know about. In the original story, he dies in a car accident on the town’s road and that would never be featured.

So, this was all about the true story behind the character of Shinchan. It is indeed heart wrenching to come across such a shocking reality behind such a happy go merry character. The only contemplation we can ever draw from this world lies in the fact that life is not fair to all and it never can be. There is misery even behind the most smiling faces.