Boys are you depressed because of your looks? Do you often feel depressed for being single? Well, no we are not here to get you rid of your singlehood but we are here, to give you a shock. Yes! after reading this article you might get the biggest shock of your life.

Meet, Ashrful Alom Saeed aka Hero Alom.

The reason we are introducing this man to you is that this guy is an internet sensation and a superstar in Bangladesh with many girls going crazy for him.

This guy is an amateur music video model, actor and a social phenomenon with over 500 music videos of him with beautiful and hot models dancing around him with millions and millions of views.

Apart from acting, he is also an owner of a Cable TV Shop and reports say that he was a roadside vendor before becoming an internet sensation.

Videos and pictures of Hero Alom are getting viral on social media and is making every guy inferior and jealous of him.

And if that wasn’t enough, he calls himself “Little Saarukh Khan” and has officially declared on his Twitter account that Shah Rukh Khan is his biggest fan. Don’t widden your eyes, we are not lying. Here’s the proof:

Well, he has not stopped with this, See this tweet of his:

His message for fans of Shah Rukh for trolling him:

Get some inspiration boys:

Here’s his message for people making fun of his English:

All saxy grills wants Hero Alom:

Lol, yeah right 😀

Eww :

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