This Lady Earns More From Apple Than Its CEO Tim Cook


Apple as we know is one of the biggest company’s in the world today, not just in terms of its business growth but also in terms of keeping its employees happy. It would be fair to say that Apple is one of the best paymasters in the industry.


Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, has been in the news of late for all the right reasons when it comes to his earnings and benefits from Apple.

Earnings of 102 million dollars an year, with a private plane for all his travel, both official and personal, which included incentive pay of $9.33 million, $3.06 million in salary,and an equity award of $89.2 million is a good enough reason for us to agree and believe that he in undoubtedly the highest paid employee at Apple.


The pay system of Apple has given us enough reasons to surprise us of late. It has been recently reported that the senior Vice President of retail and online stores, Angela Ahrendt, is the highest paid employee at Apple, not Tim Cook, as it seemed but the looks of it.

The latest filings of Apple suggested that Angela received a payment of $24.2 million (Rs. 154,49,40,100) in 2017 which is almost twice as compared to the CEO Tim Cook who earned $12.8 million (Rs. 81,71,58,400). This, though, does not include the a share award which cook received which was equal to 66.4 million pounds.

Angela is responsible for the strategy, real estate and development, and operations of Apples physical stores, online stores and contact centres.

Her salary in 2017 was $1 million (Rs. 6,38,40,500), apart from which she was paid $20 million (Rs.127,68,10,000) in stock, $3.1 million (Rs.19,79,05,550) in performance pay, and $ 88,000(Rs.56,17,964) in other compensations.

The amazing part and fact is that this year is not the first time the Angela has been paid more than the CEO Tim Cook,  but she had been getting higher pay since 2014, since the time she joined Apple from her last post of CEO and Director at luxury fashion brand Burberry.

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