This Boxer Suffered A Horrific Injury After Nasty Elbow To The Skull


The photo of the brutal head injury of a Muay Thai boxer, Jeremy has been circulating on the internet. The forehead of the boxer has developed a dent as seen in the picture.

Jeremy was having a good old bout in the Patong Stadium on the night of Monday, when he took that big elbow from his opponent. Everyone can see in the following images how Jeremy’s skull was fractured. But the odd part is this didn’t stop Jeremy, he kept on fighting without feeling any kind of dizziness.


Jonny Betts, a trainee of the Tiger Muay Thai Gym in Phuket posted the photos of the injury on Facebook, quoting: “Bit of a nasty injury caused by a big elbow on Monday night at Patong Stadium. He had surgery last night, wish him a quick recovery!”┬áMiraculously and thankfully for Jeremy, there was no serious injury to the brain.


Jonny Betts, a fellow trainee of Jeremy who trains in the same gym and also the man who first posted the images of the injury on social media platform, said later that the referee stopped the fight after a while: “It happened in a professional Muay Thai fight at a local stadium. His Thai opponent landed a big elbow strike that caused the injury.”

Betts also added: “He was fine, though. He wasn’t wobbled and kept fighting, but the referee stopped the fight to get a doctor to look at the injury and the doctor obviously stopped it right away.”

Jeremy was released from the hospital at afternoon of Wednesday, as mentioned earlier. His surgery was a really complicated one, which required a titanium plate insertion to fix the fracture in his skull.

Everyone specially the doctors were incredibly surprised that he was not affected even after that level of head injury and kept fighting on until the referee stopped the match for medical attention.

This viral photograph of Jeremy’s head injury started being shared on Facebook on Thursday. After reaching around 1,500 shares on Facebook, the photo started leaking on Instagram and Twitter. The more people saw the injury, they sent their best wishes to Jeremy so he recovers soon. We are simply glad that such a sport like Jeremy, is alive and well after getting such, possibly life-threatening, head injury.

Let us know what you think about this and don’t forget to wish Jeremy a quick recovery.